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Sunday, October 14, 2012

IHB visitors know that the "personal" on this blog is only connected to the DIY projects that I bring to my posts. Today, I bring a little "personal" only to warn and prepare my precious readers.
Last week, our home was burglarized during the day and every single piece of jewelry that I was not wearing that day was stolen. Our laptop and iPad, and years of documents and blogging graphics walked right out of the back door.
My best friend reminds me that I need to go through the emotions.  I'm stuck on the "upset" emotion.
I'm not looking for pity and should warn you to avoid coming anywhere near our home in fear of receiving a lunatic woman yelling at you for coming too close. But I do want to share some lessons that our burglar friends left for me (still upset).
Where they looked: every single bedroom drawer, under the bed, spare bedroom drawers, inside my boots, top of my closet, nightstand, office and bathroom drawers. Don't keep your valuables in these spots, and make it a little harder for them to search.
How they got in: screwdriver to our back slider door. They also tried the side garage door. Since then, we have made some serious security changes in these spots.

Some lessons that I take from this:
  • Because we have every single thing we own listed with our insurance agent, I wish I had my jewelry photographed (not on my stolen laptop) for the police. Either way, I only had a few precious pieces and I remember every single one.
  • Serial numbers on electronics are key for tracking stolen merchandise. We have them and although we may not retrieve our items, register these numbers immediately with Apple and Prey Project. You can download an app that tracks your iPad. I wish there was one to make it explode (sorry).
  • Our double pane windows have great locks, but we added wooden sticks to every sliding track. A little inexpensive protection.
  • They probably walked right into our backyard because we don't have a lock on the gate. Now we do.
  • Luckily, these strangers didn't take our passports or social security cards after handling them, but this little experience forced me to put them in a new location. I'm ready for a European vacation at a moment's notice.
  • I had just worked on two files for work the night before and they were in draft form. They're now gone. My only recommendation is Dropbox. Put everything into Dropbox.
  • Suspect everyone. They say it's someone you know but be careful what you share with contractors, what you put on your own blog and what you say to your neighbors.
  • I'm pretty sure that I had personal information on that laptop. Get your bank on the phone ASAP to make sure their guard is up for any suspicious activity (Beverages and More doesn't count this weekend), and make sure you call a credit tracking service like Equifax.
  • Alarm system. Coming in this week.
It's just stuff and we'll be ok. We always bounce back. But if there's anything that I can take away from this little ordeal is to be prepared for earthquakes, floods, death and burglars stealing your stuff!

Still not ok.

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  1. OH MY GOSH. I'm so sorry, friend! There is nothing worse than an uninvited guest going through, and stealing, your stuff. Unfortunately I speak from experience. I'm glad you posted this because it's a huge reminder for us to document all of our stuff and save it to Dropbox. HUGS from CO!!!