craft: 12 days of pinterest wrap-up

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Thank you to my faithful Instagram followers for hanging around during the 12 days of Pinterest.  Now that we have that little thing behind us, let me be the first to admit that it's not as easy as it looks. Some were a little easier than others (turning my hangers around isn't necessarily a heavy lift). But I did try a few pins that I haven't looked at in a year! 
Day 1: color-coded keys with nail polish
Day 2: 3-D paper star
Day 3: free iphone wallpaper
Day 4: Instagram pictures into photobooth picture strip (into holiday card ...)
Day 5: wire hanger + ornaments = holiday wreath
Day 6: hanger trick to donate clothes you don't wear after a season
Day 7: holiday cards into phone contact pictures
Day 8: homemade sweet smelling gifts
Day 9: washi tape for calendar organization
Day 10: free 2013 calendar printable
Day 11: napkin ring template
Day 12: toilet paper wrapping paper hold
See my other pins and the hope that I will one day attempt it all ... starting with those recipes!

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