Pinterest-a-thon: february wrap-up

Monday, February 27, 2012

Thanks to the folks who took a chance and linked up at our linky party last week! Don't be shy and remember that this might be exactly what you need to take those projects that you pin and make them into reality!! Here is some love for those who joined us!

Keep pinning little bees and we look forward to seeing your projects next month!

craft: put a cork in it

Friday, February 24, 2012

We are celebrating the best day of the week with Michelle from The Whole EnCHELLEada. If you haven't been hiding under a rock, then you know that Ms. Michelle is about to become Mrs. L in a few short months! Thank goodness that we all didn't have Pinterest when we planned so let's enjoy the process with the future Mrs. L!

Pinterest has revolutionized wedding planning. Yep, that's a bold statement but it's true. Over the past few months I've been pinning away, collecting ideas for all of our wedding details. With a little over four months to go, it really is time to stop pinning and start doing. I used this month's Pinterest-a-thon as an opportunity to get started.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4
I want the decor at our wedding to be a true reflection of the things we love. Two things we love are beer and wine, which not surprisingly will both be served on the big day! The pins above caught my eye as a way to incorporate those items into our decor. I envision these items placed on the bar or on one of the two mantels we get to decorate (eeps, can you feel my excitement!!!).

For the last year or so we've collected wine corks to use someday, and today is that lucky day! I followed this tutorial from Tip Junkie. The instructions are pretty basic, as is the entire project. I decided to go with an ombre look (so hot right now!) with the corks. I also worked hard to make sure the Charles Shaw corks were mainly in the center. We're not ashamed of Chuck, just didn't want him to dominate our L. Speaking of that L, the craziest part of this project was making an "L" and realizing that I am getting married and changing my last name. Sometimes I forget that part because I'm too busy mentally decorating the mantels.

Using the remainder of the corks I made a heart. I set all the corks out first to decide how to make it, using the pin as my guide. My suggestion is start at the bottom point and work your way up! I absolutely love the outcome of this and it only took about 20 minutes to make.

Last but not least, I put together an arrangement of recycled bottles to create a flower vase. The brown beer bottles came from our "collection" of bottles to be resused for B's homebrew. The clear wine bottle-esc Glass Vase and Bud Vase are both from West Elm and made from recycled materials. I used a little bit of twine to wrap them all together in one unit. To complete the look I popped a few single stems flowers (anemones and ranunculus) into each bottle.

After the wedding I hope to place this L and heart on a well styled bookshelf or in the bar of our future home. The bottle will make it back into rotation for the homebrew and the vases for flowers or other projects! Until next, pin, pin (reference here: Sh** Brides Say).
Visit Michelle on Pinterest and plan your wedding in less than 24 hours with the great ideas collected here! Don't forget to link up your Pinterest inspiration this week during our Pinterest-a-thon linky party. Click here to join in the fun!

Pinterest-a-thon: that's a wrap

Thursday, February 23, 2012

You may remember Carrie from her decadent gorgonzola dish last month or perhaps the sweet and savory treats she left for Santa. This month, she's adding art to gift wrapping with inspiration from her DIY board.

The “pinspirations” for my first wrapping job came from Oh So Beautiful Paper and The Hay Stack Needle. Both use a simple style to create a darling little package that has a vintage feel. They also both feature brown package wrapping paper (which I am so into right now). Since I really like both ideas, I decided to combine them.

Here is what you need:  1 roll of brown packaging wrap; bakers twine; 1 gift tag; alphabet stamps; ink pad; scissors; tape.  Here is what you get:

My next inspiration comes from Martha Stewart (you may have heard of her?). I’ve seen quite a few tutorials on Pinterest that put cupcake liners to use and this one really caught my eye. This cupcake liner flower adds a unique touch that is sure to make anyone open your pretty package first!

Here is what you need: Martha Stewart's step-by-step tutorial, wrapping paper, ribbon, 4 coffee liners, 4 cupcake liners, 4 mini cupcake liners, 1 brad, scissors, tape, hot glue gun. Here is what you get:

Enjoy! Xo, C.

Make sure you visit Carrie on Pinterest and be ready to get lost in her impressive assortment of pins. And don't forget to link up your Pinterest inspiration this week during our Pinterest-a-thon linky party. Click here to join in the fun!

Pinterest-a-thon: get yourself together

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday starts with Cece! How can you forget her body scrub and the answer to getting the nasty smell out of your house? Today she shares a little of her OCD organizational skills via inspiration from her Pinterest boards.

I’m like most girls and I love hair products and tools. Although these products make my hair look good, it doesn’t do the same for the space under my bathroom sink. It’s easy to let things go when you are in a rush, heading out the door and putting things in a basket. But after weeks of doing this, it can become difficult to find things and getting ready an even more arduous task.

When I saw this pin, it inspired me to go to The Container Store (twist my arm) and give my sink cabinet a makeover with the Polder Style Station. I first went through my hair products and left only the products that I use on a daily basis. I also cleaned out small drawers and labeled them so I would only put things that belonged in the right space. I like knowing that everything has its place and I can find it when I need it.

I won’t go into a long spill about how I came to accomplish this pinspiration. I thought this was a good idea on how to keep scarves organized, so I went to Target and bought shower curtain rings for a $1.99. Helpful tip: don’t use a plastic hanger if you have a lot of scarves because it doesn’t hang well. I used a wooden hanger and it was sturdier.

Organizing and smart dressing are just some of Cece's most wanted pins. Visit her right now on Pinterest and start your pinning! Don't forget to link up your Pinterest inspiration this week during our Pinterest-a-thon linky party. Click here to join in the fun!

diy: call me

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lucky you. Starting the week with me! Something that I've had on the Pinterest list for quite some time is a personalized business/calling card. For the purpose of this post, I'll call it a business card since I'm not listing my phone number so you technically can't call me. I'd just screen you anyway.

I've held back from creating these cards for the simple reason that there's too many choices on Pinterest and it's hard to pick just one. So like making decisions when planning a wedding, I started identifying components of the cards that I like and went from there. These two use washi tape - both display the colorful tape in different ways.

These next two business cards are thick (check out the colorful edging) and I like both the round and square edges.

For my business cards, I designed a simple layout and grabbed materials I already had on hand, including washi tape from friends and leftover wedding invitation cardstock.

After cutting out the cards, I placed washi tape across the bottom and used a round edge punch on all four corners.

I glued each card on dark blue cardstock and AGAIN had a hard time making a decision -- round edge or square edge with the blue cardstock. What do you think?

Don't forget to link up your Pinterest inspiration this week during our Pinterest-a-thon linky party. Click here to join in the fun!

Pinterest-a-thon: Linky Party #4

Monday, February 20, 2012

Welcome to our fourth linky party in honor of accomplishing some Pinterest projects - stop pinning and start doing! Don't forget the one rule: your project must have been inspired by something you saw on Pinterest and pin as many projects as you have. There's probably no way for me to really verify, but I trust you!!

This party is rocking the IHB house until midnight on Friday! You have an entire week and we'll highlight our favorites next week. Have fun!!

craft: leftover fabric into carrots and garland

Friday, February 17, 2012

My two favorite components of this year's Spring mantel kept me busy one weekend. I was so eager to work on the fabric carrots and garland that I was up late, screened phone calls and even skipped a workout (oink oink)!

The carrots came out great and I didn't bother showing you the steps because Clare at Clare's Craftroom taught me so I'll send you to the source here. Ironically, I had the same orange/white dot fabric leftover from the Halloween tablerunner and the green and white stripe fabric from the Christmas tree skirt. Instant materials.

As for the garland, I picked through my fabric box and pulled out any cute fabric appropriate for Easter eggs, and then cut them in long strips about a 3/4" wide. With twine, I tied the fabric into simple knots, cutting along the way so everything stayed about the same size. When I was finished, something was missing - a pop of color! Since the carrots stood out so much and the orange/white dot fabric was gone, I tied orange ribbon between the lighter pieces.

craft: spring subway art

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Perhaps subway art is so last year but I couldn't help putting this cuteness together.  A simple canvas called out to me during a creative day, and a 40% off coupon made it all mine. I used different colored paper and the Cricut, and pieced together words that reflect what this upcoming season means to me (yes, peeps are key).

home: make it spring. make it colorful.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

California hasn't seen much rain this season and we're enjoying Spring-like weather in February. I was excited to take down the hearts and plaid and get ready for more color and Spring decorations. A few projects were created especially for this year's mantel and I'll share details of how it was all put together in the coming days.

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Save the Date: Pinterest-a-thon #4

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!! No chocolates and flowers here, but we are celebrating today with the announcement of next week's Pinterest-a-thon linky party! You're on "pins" and needles to get something posted so we hope you'll share all of your Pinterest-inspired projects!

Starting Monday, February 20, link up all week with as many projects as you want to share! We love them all!! See you next week!

craft: diy outdoor monogram pillows

Monday, February 13, 2012

I love monogram pillows. Even our wedding had monogram pillows made with buttons (one of my favorite projects!) and used on adirondack chairs. But I can't bring myself to buy expensive pillows when I'm programmed to create. Here are two of my favorite blogs showing off some inspiration:

Now, I wish that the steps to making these pillows were also posted here, but my trigger-happy fingers deleted them off of the camera before downloading them to my computer. But check out the sweetest survival for her steps on getting these done. I was lucky and picked up this fabric in the discount bin and put down $1.50 for outdoor fabric, and a few cents for a sheet of felt in the children's craft section.

home: xoxo - hearts - valentine's day mantel

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy February 1! One year ago, our Valentine's Day mantel was decorated for some pretty exciting things - my bridal shower, bachelorette party, wedding plans, and a good rainy season. A year later, I have a little more time to try new projects - even with all of this California sunshine.

To not disappoint the two IHB readers (hey Michelle!), no money was used in the making of this mantel. I picked out last year's decor from the garage and then did my 'around the house' search for a little decorating inspiration!

These frames are becoming a mantel staple and the Ikea 99 cents price tag can be a little overwhelming but we're still able to eat. So excited I kept these babies.

My time went into the garland while the 2011 edition went home with Kristin after last week's games. (I hope you're enjoying it!!)  I pinned quite a few favorites and still didn't know what to do until the last minute. Thanks to my handy Cricut, I just went a little crazy and didn't have much of a plan until I put glue to paper. The garland is a mish mash of paper cutouts with grey/white twine (leftover from a birthday gift).

Another inexpensive project - actually free - that has turned into one of my favorites!! Now, let's get ready for the big game this weekend!

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