learn to take better pictures: week 1

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Blogging motivates me to take better pictures, and I like to think that I have improved since I opened IHB's virtual doors three years ago (see evidence below). But picking up a book or reading a tutorial online can be discouraging; I want someone to hold my hand and say, "aperture is not a scary word."

Since I just adore The Lettered Cottage and the pictures produced by Kevin, I was stoked to find out that he has a site with his buddy Josh to teach us hungry-to-improve photographers how to use our cameras. For an incredibly nominal fee, I purchased online training - in September! Life gets a little busy and I just didn't have time to sit here, watch and practice.

Shoot Fly Shoot

But the awesome thing about this training, is that it's waiting for me to learn at my own pace (for instance, waiting four months to start the introduction video). And I'm pushing my husband to also take the training so that I look really good in pictures.

My goal this month is to finish this training and show you how I'm improving my photography skills. If you're interested in also learning how to improve your photography skills, just click on the logo above and get started!! Otherwise, watch me improve and get motivated!


  1. Good for you!! Awesome to be able to use a nice camera to it's full potential. I'm going to look into it too - thanks!

    1. You should!! You can have B take the course too on his own time. It's so simple!

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