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Friday, February 8, 2013

We recently had the girls back together to share some Pinterest inspiration and get Valentine's Day off to a good start (see here, here, here and here). The inspiration was spilling into other homes and I asked some friends to share their creativity.
KR is my buddy in Idaho and this hip mom creates some pretty amazing things that I anticipate sharing with you on IHB in the future (hint hint KR!). Below is a picture of the adorable heart garland that she created. Here's what Katie has to say:
I just purchased a package of 6 inch paper heart doilies and a 6"x6" pad of Valentine scrapbook paper.  I used one of the paper doilies, folded vertically, as my heart template.  I folded all of the scrapbook paper vertically and cut out the hearts the good ol' fashion way.  I laid them out in an order that was cute and decided that the paper doilies needed a little pizzazz, so i cut small hearts out of the scraps and glued them on.  The paper doilies were really thin so I just kept 3-4 of them together as one.  I used the "vine" stitch on my new sewing machine and made the banner.

Bringing you back to California, IHB contributor Cece created the cutest framed art! I have a soft spot for this map since it highlights the city where I met this amazing friend, but also where she met her sweet BF! So easy to create with any map, a series of maps or leftover guides!

Cece is also my go-to for advice on creating my next cavity sweet treat! So much so that I needed her to register for my baking goods.  This amazing dessert is a great healthy ice cream creation. She found inspiration here and here

happy crafting. 

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  1. I love the heart garland, it's so cute! You could do something similar with so many different holidays too... I just need to get a sewing machine and learn how to do that vine stitch! ;)