craft: shadow box ticket collector

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Update: I have a free download that looks a lot like this sign. Click here to download an "admit one" sign now and start your project. 

I do not create the shadowboxes but I will sell the small burlap signs. Contact me or message me through Etsy for a custom order.

Meeting new bloggy friends and Etsy customers is fun and actually fairly common in our virtual world! That's why it's so nice when you get to see the final product of something that you create in the home of your new friend!!

Michelle reached out to me on Etsy to create a unique sign for her project. She loves my small burlap sign and wanted a custom piece without the wood. Easy!

She added this custom IHB sign inside a shadow box that she uses to collect ticket stubs of events that she has attended (movie tickets, Disney shows, etc.). How cute is this?!?!

She credits Pinterest for her inspiration but I give Michelle all of the credit for this unique way to display a collection! Thanks for sharing Michelle! Hugs!