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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

May is the third anniversary of our home purchase so that means that I have waited nearly 36 months to start and finish a project that I wanted to take on since that first home tour. Our two bathrooms have durable oak cabinets but my need for color directs me to warm tones. With plenty of inspiration like these, I just needed to start.

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Obviously, I know nothing about prepping cabinets for a refresh, but The Idea Room offers step-by-step instructions on painting bathroom cabinets that can motivate me to start finish the project. This is what the master bathroom cabinet looked like:

And the other bathroom in the hallway, the guest bathroom if you will, had the same wood finish but is just a little bigger. Both had gold hardware.

Taking advice from The Idea Room, I lightly sanded the cabinets and cleaned the dust before starting to paint. I did not prime the cabinets and just threw caution to the wind. Just like painting walls, prepping takes the longest but it really makes the final product look better.

We picked out Clark + Kensington in High Society at Ace Hardware. I admit that I choose paint color names the same way I pick out nail polish names. It's silly, but it makes complete sense. The gold hardware was replaced with brushed nickel knobs from Orchard Supply Hardware.

The color is a little more blue than grey which I love, but this day job takes time away from my quality sunlight pictures so I apologize! But I hope that I have inspired you to take that home improvement project on!



  1. WOW - I love the cabinet refresh! Both look really good. Love that rug in the guest bath.

    I also can't believe its been 3 years. TIME FLIES!

  2. Dang, I wish I wasn't renting right now. So I could paint. I looks wonderful, thanks for sharing.

    Desiree @ YourCraftyFriend

  3. They have their own line of custom furniture which can be made to your own dimensions

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