home: guest bedroom update

Monday, March 25, 2013

March home improvement month should turn into home improvement quarter! The list is longer than available free time and I always underestimate a paint project, even if it's just one room. But the 6 hours to prep and paint the guest bedroom this weekend was completely worth it - a refreshing update!

My original inspiration board for this room had Benjamin Moore Cool Breeze, but I couldn't track it down at my local OSH. Also, I changed my mind on colors when I started testing them on the wall and the artificial light in that room showed a different side to most colors, so I decided on Clark + Kensington's Tony's Touch. The blue is incredibly light and looked great in both natural and artificial light.

The second lift this weekend was new window treatments, and I am never going to spend a lot of money on these things so we had to go inexpensive. I was handsomely rewarded during an early morning trip to Target when I found a package of TWO window panels in the perfect dark blue color with grommets. You know how awesome-sauce it is to find a package of TWO panels for the price of one? Well, it is!

The curtain rod was securely in place since the previous owners left (again, three years later) and the 84" panel just came short of being the perfect length. Luckily, these inexpensive panels were also made with incredibly inexpensive methods - I easily took out the seam at the bottom and used no sew adhesive. A quick press and my hem was in place.

And I couldn't have had a better length if I actually ordered them at the perfect measurement.

The bedding is still the same given the limited budget. But it's airy and ideal for this update. I need to frame our precious hand-me-down print to hang above the bed. After a little research and cost analysis (dramatic much?), this will be a DIY project for a later time. Stay tuned!

I also want to get another nightstand but now we have this great Ikea side table that fits well in this room. The lamp may look familiar - a late night DIY with twine. And I recently saw this flower pot trick on Pinterest and since we moved over to the Sonicare, I have this great toothbrush holder just sitting around. It's a useful way to make small flower arrangements.

I hope you're inspired to take on that project this weekend!! Glad this room is finished in time for the bestie's visit in a couple weeks and for our favorite Colorado couple to celebrate their birthdays in California!


  1. Looks so good, I love how it is coming along on a budget. great flower pot. thanks for sharing.

    Desiree @ YourCraftyFriend

  2. It's coming together very nicely!! Clever trick with the toothbrush holder - love it!