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Monday, March 4, 2013

Life is short. At least that's what I kept telling myself every time I came across a craft studio with a white Expedit. I admit that I made the wrong decision when I picked out the brown/black version over two years ago, and over time, I have grown craft studio envy for everyone who had a white version. Remember how excited I was when I was able to organize everything on this:
After pulling my big girl pants on and just going for it, we listed the brown/black Expedit on craigslist and in less than a day, we had cash to move on to the white version. But things have gotten busy around here. With a new Etsy store, helping the brides in my life and this little blog, I needed more storage. So we expanded:
One and a half new Expedits! Since two would have been too much and I just didn't want to spend the cash, this was a great alternative. And that little space between the two is perfect to hold my cutting boards, picture props or anything that needs a little flattening!
The storage is improving and I am getting more creative with what I have. On a recent trip back to Ikea, I picked up more of these small boxes to make up for the loss of drawer space, and added a little color with this design paper that I picked up years ago. And it was sitting there all rolled up. No one to appreciate it! I also added the paper to the magazine holders on the top shelf.
My twine and washi tape collection has become unruly and I have been a little creatively stressed having them thrown into a basket. Ikea has this new handy plastic bin with an option of adding a caddy! How great does everything fit in here?! Vinyl stored in the bottom. All of these toys need homes!

This is a great way to begin a month of home improvement and organization! Although there are a few unfinished projects on these shelves and I'm growing my Etsy shop, this update has given me the canvas to work in a clean and tidy space!
thank you to Pugly Pixel for the free washi tape graphics. click here for more. 

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  1. Love those white shelves - great update! BRILLIANT idea about the caddy for tape and twine...maybe ribbon too? I'm going to replicate that fantastic idea.