host post: small pin-spiration round-up

Friday, April 26, 2013

This month was particularly challenging because the Pinterest theme was open: share any project that inspired you to create. I can walk around the house and find a few projects that would never have been finished if it wasn't for a simple pin.

I'll start with my most proud baking moment: ombre frosting. The cake and buttercream frosting was made from scratch, but the real pin-inspiration came with the frosting design! I pinned this amazing tutorial from Trang's Kitchen, and although I can't read the content, the graphics were self-explanatory enough to bring this to Easter lunch:

The front door also received flare with this 'welcome' decal that I created with the Silhoutte. Most pin-spiration includes script type and that's just not my style. I recently downloaded the freebie Abraham Lincoln font (hello 16th POTUS!) and carefully added the decal (pin-spiration).

These two pin-spiration projects have already been on display here at IHB, but they deserve another 15 seconds of fame: turn an unused toothbrush holder into a vase and give an old clay pot some color for indoor flare. (and the fake plant comes from a goodwill score.)

And finally, but not least, shelf styling. I'm not great at this and really want to be better and Pinterest has a treasure trove of ideas. Something that I started is my basket of well wishes. I save all of my thank you notes and announcements here and when I'm feeling a little down, I like to go through the stack and remind myself how great I really have it.

How has Pinterest inspired you this month? I just packed for a business trip based on my outfit pins and most of my dinners are only finished with the steps in my pinned recipes. Even if you can't build a bench this month (that's my next goal), you can take on small projects any day of the week.


  1. I love all of this! I could use your help styling a shelf in our living room. Your door welcome made me realize I should get your help with a project while I'm in CA! As always, so inspired by all that you do!

    1. you are just too precious!! can't wait for that visit!

  2. Stopping by from the PJH Designs blog hop. That cake is AMAZING! It looks like it should be sitting a bakery window. And I love what you did to the door, great idea (pinning for later use) thanks :).