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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Summer is having mixed feelings in the Bay Area. Last weekend's hot temperatures turned my chilled white wine into warm liquid so fast that I couldn't keep up. This week, it's been windy and chilly. But the upcoming weekend's forecast calls for some hot, hot sunshine! Mother Nature is messing with my wardrobe!

One of my favorite mantel-scapes is the summer layout. This is the one mantel that I can just walk around the house and grab pieces from our bedrooms, family room and restrooms. It's just so easy. And this year, I'm super stoked with the hydrangea homecoming (yup, from our front yard)!

The driftwood star is a traveling DIY project (see instructions here) and makes itself at home wherever it can find some space! The green plant was a gift from my former employer when I started my current job, and it received a new base for its second birthday!

The frame is a transplant from our bedroom but also received a much needed makeover from its stark black original skin to a bright white frame and burlap mat.

The green shell frame holds a picture of my beloved as he walks onto another beautiful California beach for a deserved surf session.

So simple to update your mantel or a shelf around the house with some summer inspiration. Take a walk right now and grab a few pieces and place them in a place that reminds you that summer is here! 

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