sew: read between the pillow lines

Monday, June 10, 2013

Something about spring really motivates me to purge things from our house - and life - that I just don't think is necessary to keep around. (Watching more than one episode of Hoarders can also have an affect.) One weekend not too long ago, I went through our files, closets and drawers to make piles for shredding and goodwill. 

A few things I just don't want to part with so instead, I find another purpose. That was the case with small pieces of fabric from wedding projects. With some creativity, I made three pieces and staggered the stripes.

And like most learners, I followed the basic instructions for a simple pillow. 

And I want to introduce you to my newest furniture find: this little beauty we picked up in a secondhand store in Guernesville! I will update the cushion in time, but for now, it's the perfect shade of blue.

Go around the house and find items that you can repurpose for something creative and new!

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