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Monday, July 1, 2013

The biggest form of flattery is when a new friend is inspired by your creativity. When planning our wedding, I was inspired by a vintage surfboard's use as a sign-in 'board'. After some consideration, we had a board made and asked all of our nearest and dearest to sign!

Nearly a year ago, Kris reached out to me with a few questions about our wedding surfboard, and I honestly explained that although a vintage board would have been awesome, we just couldn't afford it and instead personalized a new board with our names and wedding date.

To my pleasant surprise, Kris emails me last week with pictures of her own wedding board. How great does she look and how awesome are these pictures? Congratulations Kris and Kevin!

Don't forget to drop a note to the person that inspires you. A smile goes a long way but recognizing someone for their inspiration makes all of the difference! Thanks, Kris. xoxo

Coordinator: Helena Parker of Divine Events

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