craft: give thanks ikea hack

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

One of my favorite places to bargain shop is the As Is section at Ikea; rarely do I walk away without something to change, upgrade or brag about. The last trip was no exception and thanks to my friend MJ for giving me the idea to turn unused Ikea furniture pieces into wanted decor.

I found the former front of a drawer in a pile for $3. Score.

Using the miracle Silhouette machine, I cut out letters and yellow leaves in vinyl, and then spent some time to get everything just straight. That was a bit time consuming. To add some texture to this sign, I cut leaves out of fabric using the sewable fabric interfacing. Instead of ironing them on, i just used light spray glue so that I can use them later on another project. #greencrafting

What I have is a simple Fall sign that I can move around the house for a few weeks and change out for different holidays with vinyl. (Don't get too excited. This is not my Fall mantel just yet. It's a work in progress and more to come later.)

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