Monday, July 7, 2014

home: kitchen renovation phase 2

Back by popular demand, the update on this kitchen remodel that still has us hungry. Since phase 1, we upgraded the electrical in our home, including new electrical boxes outside, rewired the garage to meet code and prepared the kitchen. This work and inspections by the city took less than two weeks.

(doesn't electrical work look sexy?)

After passing the electrical inspection with flying colors, naturally, the next inspection was for the insulation. That was a nice project for myself while I sent J out for Chipotle. The kitchen didn't have insulation before so adding it to the exterior walls will make a difference in temperature.

Another big change is the removal of the soffit that was originally there. By removing this purely decorative drop in the ceiling, we added 8 more inches of space and the option to select larger cabinets.

The next inspection included the drywall ... I owe my brother and friends dearly for this project! We followed all codes to spacing the screws and used mold-resistent drywall. Because our home is antiquish, the framing is like solid concrete wood! What kind of trees created this impossible lumber?! Every last bit of energy was given to drill the screws through the framing. My hard working brother took two days to get the walls up.

The night the last screw went into that drywall, I ordered the cabinets from Home Depot. We measured twice and ordered once, and in 2-3 weeks the cabinets will be delivered. 

The inspector signed off on the drywall the next day and the room now awaits the next step in the project: adding the joint compound and paper joint tape, and then sanding the walls down before adding the cabinets. Stay tuned!


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