home: sunny fall mantel

Monday, October 20, 2014

In the mid-1990s when I started growing out of girlish things, I took to sunflowers - wallpaper, bedding, bags, towels, shirts. Over time, I grew up (a little) and moved on to college where this love of sunflower definitely did not follow.

And that was the end of my infatuation with sunflowers.

Then I started brainstorming for our fall mantel and the only thing really calling to me at the flower mart was the sunflower - the clean, bright flower that once took over my little teenage life. It didn't take much this year as I walked around the house pulling together different pieces, but the addition of the sunflower can't stop me from smiling every time I walk by ...

The girls are on temporary assignment on the mantel for their warm, fall colors, and only during this time of year can I really enjoy my yard-sale-find candlesticks. (I picked this print up in a local shop but found this print on Amazon that I'm sort of obsessed with.)

This vase is a simple can with twine wrapped around for a truly rustic look. I would love to take credit for this DIY project but this was a Bloom That container from a special flower delivery.

The result is a simple Fall mantel that will live through the season that has little pieces of our home and really no dollars to recreate.


  1. You know how I love that painting!! Looks great!!

  2. Those jersey girls are cuties!
    I too remember my obsession with the sunflower, u even wore the perfume!