craft: DIY succulent watercolor prints

Saturday, December 27, 2014

A few weeks ago, I was searching for watercolor artwork on Etsy that would showcase succulents in small pots. After a disappointing search and agreeing that I would not attempt to paint succulents myself, I came up with a DIY project capable for any level. Using images found on Google, I applied the Waterlogue app on my phone to those pictures to create the following images. 

I saved the pictures to my phone and sent them to my email. I printed 4x6 images on heavy cardstock, cut each one out and placed in the frame. The guest bathroom artwork was in need of the update and this colorful project (that took me less than an hour) definitely did just that.

How cute would this be with your family dog, the flowers you receive on your birthday or just a cute card from a friend. The Waterlogue app makes it look just like an original piece.

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