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Sunday, December 21, 2014

We have been so fortunate this year to receive endless rainy days in California. But with rain comes dark clouds and very little light into our living room. Since I'm in the continuous pursuit of improving my photography skills, this led to the perfect storm of a bad picture-taking session. (pun intended)

So when I woke up this morning with sunshine, I instantly jumped out of bed and grabbed my camera (even before coffee) and used a few tips that I learned from Doe a Deery. The result was more natural lighting and with a few additional Photoshop tricks, I was finally able to share our Christmas mantel, completely inspired this year by my holy family gift from mom last year.

The tree has been hanging out for two weeks and we don't get too creative with this gem. It is just a vehicle to hang our ornaments from travels and life experiences. It's always so much fun to take everything out and remember how each one joined our life!

This year, I'm most proud of my 'NOEL' wired decoration that I scored at Salvation Army for 75 cents. Boom.

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