celebrate: 2015

Thursday, January 1, 2015

A new start is always motivating. For me, it's just nice to have a day off cleaning and organizing, and understanding what's missing in this one perfect life.

Today I start with taking a few lessons in design, cooking and planning, and a resolution to learn something new every day. For years I've wanted to learn how to create glitter font on Photoshop, so I searched through my saved pins and did just that - created glitter font.

Thank you to Going Home to Roost for sharing her amazing pictures as part of her Roost Tribe membership - join today if you're not part of the tribe!! Thank you to Dear Miss Traci for teaching me the simple task of creating the glitter font (so easy!). And thank you to Alexandra Romano for sharing her glitter pattern to make this easy from the start!

Happy 2015!

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