home: kitchen renovation phase 5

Monday, January 12, 2015

It's been well over three months since the last kitchen update, but I promise you that things have been getting done - slowly. With the holidays, birthdays and laundry, the cosmetic tasks of this reno have been completed over time. I had my heart set on the white subway tile, but after putting that shiny tile against the stark white cabinets, the tile looked almost 'off-white' and I was back to the drawing board.

I always loved marble. Always. But the cost of adding a marble counter top was out of the question. So when I came to this fork in the backsplash road, we decided on a marble patterned backsplash that was on sale. During one Sunday, we put up the backsplash and 4 months later during an 8 hour window, I added the grout. 

The grout. This was a love-hate-hate relationship. Because we were dealing with marble, I did a lot of research - it's important to get non-sanded grout, sealer, wiping down, etc. My best teacher was Thrifty Decor Chic with her marble tile instal tutorial. 

During the cabinet installation, my brother added the crown molding and baseboards. Since then, I have finished by sanding, filling in the gaps and painting both.

Also, I painted the exposed walls with the same color that were recently painted in the living room - Moonshine by Benjamin Moore. I love looking through the spaces and seeing a uniform color.

Left to finish: floating shelves around windows, windowsill, paint the ceiling (need a tall ladder), paint under cabinets, and whatever else I find in the process.


  1. It looks fabulous, Im a sucker for the traditional white cabinet, and stainless steel mix :)

  2. I was wondering what you did for our corner cabinets next to the window. I am getting these same cabinets and I can't seem to find that as an option.

    1. Hi Will - thank you for your question. Looking at the window, we installed a corner base with lazy Susan on the left, and a blind base on the right. The blind base needed to be pulled out about 6 inches to clear the dishwasher handle. Does that help?

    2. This post shows the exposed cabinets so you have a better idea: http://www.inspiredhoneybee.com/2014/08/home-kitchen-renovation-phase-3.html