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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Ten days off work for the holidays is a gift. The brightest spot was a rare trip to Nordstrom to return a dress that my mom ordered online, and after swearing that she purchased it in September, we found the purchase on my card ... from March. It took me 9 months to return the dress! What have I been doing all year?

So, let's reprioritize. Work smarter, not harder. Be present. All of that. But more importantly, return that stuff earlier and mark it off the "to do" list so that we are walking around with less baggage. Yes, less baggage.

Like our kitchen. We started this DIY project a year and a half ago and although we are living in a perfectly functioning kitchen, there are little incomplete projects, including a window sill. My brother was supposed to help me but cancelled at the last minute. So as any stubborn Portuguese woman would do, I decided to finish this thing myself!

I had all of the tools. I know how to follow instructions. I take BART every day to work. There is no reason I couldn't make a window sill for my kitchen! And really, I want to give a big thank you to Kim and Scott at Yellow Brick Road for walking me through the steps needed to just get this done. And my sweet friend LS for the birthday gift that sits on the ledge.

On to the next project! Happy 2016 friends!

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