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Monday, February 1, 2016

This is my last kitchen renovation post; 598 days after taking sledgehammer to old cabinets. With a fresh start to the year - and multiple empty threats to my brother - we are finally done.

The last few projects were just cosmetic and we were living just fine with running water, electricity and an oven for more than one year. And I finished the backsplash exactly one year ago during the NFL playoffs (when the Pats where in a better place). But staring at me were small unfinished projects. I'm happy to finally take these pictures (and breakdown expenses below)!

But before moving on, let's remember where we started:

Again, let's return to this beauty:

For those of you eager to know how we did it on a tight budget, here is the breakdown:
  • Home Depot Hampton Bay Shaker Cabinets = $1,030 (a lot of my counters came damaged and we received additional discounts)
  • Electrical upgrade including needed permits: $6,000 (this included more than just the kitchen)
  • Insulation, dry wall and supplies: $467
  • Sink and faucets: $454
  • LG oven and microwave (Best Buy): $1,000
  • Crown moulding and supplies: $412 (see post here)
  • Quartz counters (Granite Expo in Emeryville): $1,170
  • Marble backsplash and supplies (Lowe's): $600
  • Hardware knobs and cup pulls (Home Depot): $50
  • Ikea floating shelves (2 cut into 4): $30
  • Disposal fee for old cabinets, counter: $43
  • Other supplies and labor: $1,250
  • TOTAL: $12,566
We already had the refrigerator and dishwasher, and the recessed lighting and skylight were already there, so we walked into this project with a few perks in place. Ultimately, we finished the bulk of the work in 4 months, and then the other projects took time and a little patience. But today, we are done!

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  1. Thanks for showing this. I just ordered the Shaker cabinets and I am anxious to see the final results!