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Monday, January 9, 2017

I wrote a blog post nearly (gulp) five years ago with recommendations on how to clear the cutter and start the new year with a clean house and conscience - old paint, clothes, electronics. Over the years, new groups and sites have popped up to help you de-clutter and some actually add a few dollars to your vacation fund. Here are a few additional favorites:

I’m a member of local Facebook Buy/Sell/Trade groups and if you’re hoping to unload quality clothes, kid supplies and furniture, this place is a playground. Each group has different rules but in summary, you post what you’re selling or giving away, offer it to the first person that comments, and you can coordinate a porch pick-up or drop off. Just like that, your house is already starting to shine and you're making some cash.

Besides sharing neighborhood watch style information, this is a great site to unload extra lemons from your tree, invite neighbors to a garage sale or give away furniture. You join your “neighborhood” as it’s set-up on the site and share as needed. 

I mentioned this free platform in my 2012 post but I still swear by it for big ticket or free items. We recently had our bathroom redone and the contractor left all of the remaining supplies. I posted them on Craigslist's free section and - GONE! I even gave away our team's gingerbread houses after the contest ... there is something for everyone out there!

Tried and true reseller of sports equipment! As a kid, my mom picked up supplies for us because you better believe she wasn't going to invest in equipment that we were going to dump in a week. We recently sold quality running clothes, ski equipment and tennis balls that were just sitting around. You know you've outgrown that 5 pound dumbbell.

If your clothes tend to be on the higher quality side and you don't want to deal with posting and coordinating pick-up, send them to Thred Up. I've only done this once but I was able to unload suits, trousers and button-up wovens in one bag. You sign-up online, request a postage-paid bag, and once you receive the bag from Thred Up, you send it back with your items. They then offer you a price per item for the clothes you sent in. Too easy not to try!

You've seen the commercials but have you tried it? We tried selling a surfboard on this site before the holiday without any bites. There aren't any disco balls (again, see the commercial), but plenty of gently used kids' clothes and toys. They do have an app and uploading pictures and content is super simple, so totally worth a try.

I recently signed-up for this service but don't see much activity in my area but plenty in the larger Bay Area. Users are selling everything from big ticket items - cars, furniture, tools - to teddy bears. It's a growing network and I'm curious if you have tried it; let me know in the comments.

Safety - the first thing my friends ask is if these "transactions" are safe. How can I let someone come to my porch and know where I live? That's why I feel safer using the Facebook group, Play it Again Sports and Craigslist. It's important to begin a dialogue with the buyer and use your gut - sometimes, I just don't follow-up because my gut tells me that this isn't the right person.

How are you purging in the new year?

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