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Thursday, May 4, 2017

We have a fun announcement! April weekly goals were big and they included reviewing, signing and chasing down documents for the purchase of our new ... vacation home! That's right. Two mortgages for the win!

Here's the short story of a decently shortish story. My husband is a fantastic skier (from New England that one) and I spent my winters on a dairy farm not skiing. Four years ago, I took my first ski lesson and last year, I became completely addicted to this ridiculously cold sport. So now we both have this hobby that takes us to the Lake Tahoe area often, and we fell in love. (To clarify, the area. We already loved each other.)

After a few weeks looking, we found an adorable condo in a prime location (we travel from the Bay Area) and potential for rental when we're not there. According to local folklore, there's a creek that runs right in front of our unit but since the area received 700 inches of snow this season, we're likely to see it never. 

As part of the sale, we will keep all of the furniture which is awesome until we can replace with pieces we really want. In the meantime, I'm excited to work on projects to make this place a home ... and a rental! Stay tuned!

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