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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Christmas shopping for family and friends can be fun if you're creating projects and giving the gift of homemade. The compliments are thoughtful and you are proud of the hours spent knitting/sewing/painting/building that special one-of-a-kind present. But if you're anything like me, it's usually followed with ... "I wish I was as crafty as you."

Today, we're going to drive creativity with gifts that keep on giving. Below is a selection of my favorite gifts that can turn the most uncoordinated bestie into a crafter wannabe (even if it's just this one project). 

For Your Mom

Not sure about you, but my mom is the kind of woman who buys something when she wants it year round. There is never a grace period where she'll stop buying gifts and let us know what she wants for Christmas. It's a last minute guessing game every single year. Like most moms out there, she's also too busy to try a craft project or take up a new hobby. That's why I love these easy DIY kits from Purl Soho. Variety is the name of the game, even for the pickiest of moms, and the color pallets are seasonal and on trend.

For Your Kid-at-Heart Friend

You're probably thinking that I'm insane for suggesting this as an adult gift but it HAS UNICORNS ... I gladly welcome a colorful unicorn kit with multiple projects. Check out the headband! (I have a different one for the weekend cook sesh.) I'd wear that to cook during the weekdays! But for your friend who is always complimenting your crafty skills and swearing that she could never do any of that, show her that you have confidence in her ability to make a KILLER UNICORN TAIL!

For Your Aunt, Mother-in-Law or Grandma

How cute is this DIY felt succulent project? The effort actually seems minimal and the final adorable project is usable as wall, table or shelf decor. (Note: I hate worthless DIY projects for adults!)

For Your Bestie

Small business buyers love to browse the DIY results on Etsy, and it's now easier than ever to find crafters building kits that encourage you to make your own project at home. Search "DIY kits" and options range from soap making to needle work to jewelry making. I recently started purchasing cross stitch patterns for small projects. 

For Your Kids

I'm no expert in the DIY kid department, but I do know that my friends have piles of completed kids' DIY projects on the fridge, walls, bedrooms ... so I hate the idea of suggesting yet another clay project to add to your garden. This project is actually a combination of science and FUN, and the final project is only three small pieces that can sit on your kitchen windowsill (unless that's already full of small clay pot projects). 

For Your Guys

Uncommon Goods is a wonderful site full of gift ideas, and just searching "DIY kits" results in options for every single person on your list. Including the dudes; how many times has someone in your family said, I should make my own beer/alcohol? Uncommon Goods has an option, even a homemade gin kit.

For Your Hard-to-Shop-For Person

Still not sure what to get someone? How about you give them the gift of learning a project online? Classes available through Brit + Co. and Skillshare can teach your cousin, brother or dog walker photography, digital illustration or hand lettering. Let them pick a class to strengthen a creative skill or try something new.

If online isn't a great option for your dad, consider a local DIY workshop like wood working and painting. Go to Yelp and search "DIY workshop" or more specifically what you're looking for (i.e., bird watching) and find the gift of experience.

Do you have a DIY-challenged friend or family member? Any gift ideas that you would suggest in addition to this list? I'd love to hear how you challenge them to be creative.

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