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Friday, January 4, 2019

Like fabric and paper, yarn is a weakness and unfinished projects became a bad habit that dated back to my single girl days. My strong passion to purge and move stuff out of this house led to a commitment this summer to get rid of my yarn by the end of the year through projects and learning new patterns that I could find online.

Mission accomplished!

What I learned: I fell in love with crocheting over knitting, and (slowly) how to follow patterns online. The best part is that everything I made went to a friend!

  1. This was the first hat that I made and it was supposed to fit the head of an adult but turned into child size. This is the Emily Diagonal Beanie Crochet Pattern from Rescued Paw Designs and I gave it to a childhood friend when I met her for beers (she has three little girls).
  2. The yarn from this second hat was purchased during our first wedding anniversary (we celebrated our seventh in April). The Beginner Ribbed Crochet Hat pattern from Eating Out Loud was easy but I stopped counting after the third row and missed a few loops along the way. Ultimately, it work into a hat that is now used daily by my husband!
  3. This project broke my commitment when I went to the craft store to purchase a larger crochet needle and just happened to pick up another skein of yarn. My bad. The pattern was one that I learned while making a simple crochet hat pattern from Make and Do Crew using vertical ribs. I closed it off when I was satisfied with the width.
  4. My husband ran the Boston Marathon the year following the bombings, and during his bib pick-up, he received a scarf made by local church members and blessed for the runners. I was so moved by this gesture that I purchased a BULK size skein of yarn in the race colors to donate the following year. Unfortunately, they never did that again and I had a lot of yarn on hand. I made this scarf for my Golden State Warriors loving friend, and a hat for another friend (not pictured) following the Make and Do Crew one hour crochet hat pattern.
  5. and 7.  Not hard to make cute things when such cute babies are wearing them! I made these from the same yarn using the easy pattern found at Dandy Lemon, except when I started getting closer to the end, I skipped a loop every third stitch to close off the hat. 
  6. The same yarn from #3 was used to make this sweet lady a warm hat for the winter. I used the same Make and Do Crew pattern and kept going to close the hat.
  7. I finished this blanket that I started over 7 years ago, which was the impetus for this entire purge energy. My mom taught me this stitch and after some online searching, I learned that this is the larksfoot stitch pattern and found a tutorial at Bluprint. The unfortunate side effect of not finishing a project right away is finding the same yarn, so this baby blanket was more two-toned.
  8. This is my most heartbreaking project. Like the yarn in #2, I picked up the blue yarn during our trip and didn't have enough to finish so I used a little grey yarn. The end result was a fantastic men's hat that I sent to my husband's uncle for Christmas. The sad news is that his package was stolen from the porch. I used the same easy pattern found at Dandy Lemon and bunched the top to close off (different from #5 and #7).
This is proof that someone with VERY limited knitting and crocheting skills can easily make these little projects with fun results. On average, each hat took two evenings after work and dinner watching TV. The best part really was making them for friends and when I first started, I didn't have anyone in mind for each project -- it just came to me as I finished each one. 

I'm always looking for easy and new tutorials (and an inspiration board dedicated to my obsession). Do you have any suggestions on who to follow or check out online? Leave me your thoughts below!

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