about IHB

Inspired Honey Bee is purely the inspiration board of my real-life projects -- a place to show off creativity, DIY projects and practice some of those technical skills we all need to keep youngThis is also my favorite place to write -- like a journal, but with really useful information that doesn't bore you to tears.

Born and raised in California, I live in the Bay Area with my husband, and we love to travel and stay active year-round (please pray for snow this year!). As much as I would love to DIY projects all day, I spend most daylight hours in San Francisco working for a retail brand and making two trips out of the building a day for coffee.

Contact me here for partnership or writing opportunities, or visit Debbie Cotton Celebrates or stop by my Etsy shop to see what else I'm up to. And if you need a little inspiration, just jump around this blog to find your next project!